Corporate Promotional Video #2

June 22, 2011

This second one is an employee training video from Gulf South, a medical supply company.  The quick, flashy graphics/images at the begin have a good grab, and I think we could steal something from the talking suit scene–I think it’s kind of great that he’s so casually dressed and has a Southern accent–very down home and friendly, doesn’t feel like a “boss.”  Perhaps instead of making ALEC creepy and scary, we make him superfriendly and positive and feel like a great guy to work for!

This one also is more of a template, structure-wise, for the kind of information our video has in it (goes from flashy visuals to talking head to more information-type graphics (maps, graphs, numbers, video of people doing their job, etc)


Corporate Promo Video #1

June 22, 2011

This first one, from Dale Power Solutions, has the kind of paternalistic big brother vibe that I think we’re aiming for.  It’s also very slick and technological.  The British accent is obviously wrong, but the editing and visuals seem right.  And the wierd techno music — which shifts at about 1:50 to a very peppy soft pop–also gives just the right mood: ominous at first (as they’re detailing the ‘problem’) and happy/ upbeat in the end (when they present their ‘solution’).  Wonderfully creepy!!