“Limited Government, Free Markets, Federalism” – this is the tagline for the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization that has helped draft model bills for conservative legislators to introduce to Congress for the past forty years.  But this is no Tea Party – the exclusive organization is primarily comprised of wealthy owners of mega corporations, including the Koch brothers and Jack Kemp.  This tax-exempt organization introduces 1000 pieces of legislation during each legislative cycle, and 18% of these bills are passed into law.  One of their most controversial laws? – None other than SB 1070, the 2010 Arizona immigration law, or as they called it, the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act”.

Worst of all, several members of the private prison industry collaborated with ALEC to lobby for SB 1070.  Thus, it appears that Congress, the major corporations, and prison detention centers have become intertwined in this deplorable business deal to secure power over poor migrant workers, all in the name of “law enforcement and safe neighborhoods”.

For more information about ALEC, read this Source Watch page:

Source Watch

And check out this revealing article from Salon:

Private Prison Industry Helped Draft Arizona Immigration Law

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