T. Don Hutto Fast Facts

  • The T. Don Hutto facility (located in Taylor, TX) was originally a medium security prison.  After being “converted” into an immigration detention center, it held men, women (some pregnant), children, and infants from May 2006 to September 2009. Administered by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA-“America’s Leader in Partnership Corrections”), the country’s largest for-profit corrections company, the center now holds around 500 adult women, many of whom are seeking asylum.
  • Here’s a link to America’s Family Prison, a 17 minute film about Hutto, made while it was still a “family residential detention center.”
  • In August of 2010 women inmates brought allegations of sexual assault and harassment against an employee of CCA.
  • The average cost of detaining an immigrant is approximately $122 per person/ per day. Alternatives to detention, which generally include a combination of reporting and electronic monitoring, are effective and significantly cheaper, with some programs costing as little as $12 per day. These alternatives to detention still yield an estimated 93% appearance rate before the immigration courts.
  • Every month the CCA gets around $2.8 million in federal tax dollars to run T. Don Hutto.  In 2009, CCA earned $1.67 billion in revenue with a net income of $155 million.  Here’s a link to more info on the money trail.

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